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We’re here to help you realize your dream of attending a Christian college--where you can strengthen your faith and land an awesome job doing something you love! Each year we award hundreds of thousands of dollars in institutional scholarships to students just like you--to help them pay for college. Check out our scholarships and ask for more details today.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships ranging from $1,500 per year to as much as full tuition (approximately $18,000 in 2015-16) will be awarded to first-time college students based primarily on their ACT or SAT scores. Transfer students who have accrued fewer than 32 semester hours of credit may qualify for academic scholarships based on their test scores and cumulative grade point averages from all previous institutions. Students who do not initially qualify for a scholarship may be considered for an award based on their cumulative grade point averages once they have accrued a minimum of 32 semester hours of credit. Academic scholarship recipients may continue to receive their awards for future enrollment years based on their ability to maintain a required grade point average determined by the amount of the scholarship. For more information concerning an academic scholarship, see the sections “Scholarship Guidelines” and “Academic Scholarship Guidelines” below.

Athletic Scholarships

Intercollegiate athletic coaches at Ohio Valley University offer athletic scholarshipsto student-athletes eligible to participate in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division II programs. More information about Fighting Scots Athletic scholarships is available by contacting the athletic director at (304) 865-6091.

Faculty/Staff Tuition Waivers

University employees, their spouses, and children may be eligible for a waiver of tuition expenses. The Ohio Valley University Employee Handbook contains more information concerning individual eligibility and application procedures.

Fighting Scots Leadership Scholarships

Members of the university’s student life staff annually review the Fighting Scots Leadership Scholarship applications of both new and continuing students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership ability. Recipients must reapply each year by April 1; renewal is not automatic. More information concerning individual eligibility and application procedures for this scholarship is available by contacting the financial aid office at 877-446-8668.

Additional University Scholarship Programs

The following scholarships are also available to Ohio Valley University students.

Bible Scholarships

Bible scholarships (ranging from $1000 for freshmen to over $2500 for seniors) are available to those majoring in Bible and/or ministry. Reduced amount scholarships are available to students minoring in Bible or ministry.  Qualification information is available from the chair of the School of Biblical Studiess [HERE]

Board of Trustees Scholarship

The Ohio Valley University Board of Trustees sponsors a $3,000 per year tuition discount for the dependent children and spouses of full-time ministers, missionaries, and school employees that are affiliated with the Churches of Christ. Written documentation of employment must be submitted to the Ohio Valley University financial aid office each year. Students who are the children of paid full time ministers could be eligible for additional scholarship funds. Contact the Financial Aid office for more details.

Circle of Vision Scholarships

The West Virginia Independent Colleges and Universities (WVICU) sponsor a variety of scholarship programs supported by contributions from businesses and individuals wishing to support Ohio Valley University students through their organization. Recipients must be West Virginia residents. Scholarship selections are conducted annually by the financial aid office of Ohio Valley University.

Express Scholarships

Scholarships are available for members of the University’s a cappella vocal group Express. Selectionsare determined by audition; more information is available by calling the Ohio Valley University admissions office at (304) 865-6200.

K.S. Foundation Scholarships

Qualified residents of Stark County, Ohio, may receive an annual award of $1,000. Recipients must maintain good academic standing to continue their awards in successive years.

Performing Ensembles Scholarships [APPLY NOW]

Students who audition successfully may receive scholarships for participation in the University’s performing ensembles, including A Cappella Singers and Jazz Ensemble. Recipients must maintain a 2.5 GPA. More information is available by contacting the Ohio Valley University department of music.

Wood and Washington County Grant

Students who have either (1) graduated from a Wood County (WV) or Washington County (OH) high school or (2) been residents of Wood County (WV) or Washington County (OH) for more than one year are eligible to receive an $8,000 annually.

What’s your Niche?
We’ve Got a Scholarship for That!

Niche Group Scholarships [APPLY NOW]

Did you know… you can earn a scholarship of up to $38,000 (over four years) at OVU for participating in missions work, competing in ultimate frisbee, performing in theatre productions, posting to OVU social media sites and more--all while pursuing your academic major? Click here to learn more about our special niche group scholarships. Pursue your passion at OVU today!