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Academics AT OVU

Ohio Valley University Academics

From the OVU Provost

At Ohio Valley University, we seek to transform lives in a Christ-centered academic community that integrates higher learning, biblical faith, and service to God and humanity.

Our programs offer Christian higher education through rigorous academic training in fields relevant to today’s work-world. Our Church of Christ heritage and the academic knowledge and experience of our highly qualified faculty intertwine to bring every student a unique classroom experience.

OVU’s 10:1 student to faculty ratio allows faculty to provide their high-quality knowledge and skills in a most personal and individual manner. The mentoring relationships, which consistently develop between professor and student, continue far beyond the day of graduation.

Ohio Valley University allows students to pursue numerous major and minor courses of study through our four colleges and eight schools. Visit the OVU Academic Catalog for detailed academic program information.

I invite you to look closely at the academics Ohio Valley University offers. Grounded firmly in our rich heritage within churches of Christ and solidly on the foundation of our mission, I believe what we have at OVU is rivaled by no other institution of Christian higher education.

Dr. Joy Jones
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Academic Policies & Procedures

All Academic Policies & Procedures are published in the Ohio Valley University Academic Catalog and College- and School-Specific handbooks. The OVU Academic Catalog and College- and School-Specific handbooks are the source for all academic information and are the final authority on all Academic Policies & Procedures.

In some cases, general policies for Ohio Valley University are overridden by more stringent college, school, program, or departmental policies. If there is a discrepancy between policies, the more stringent policy will be applied.

It is the responsibility of the student to be informed about and to observe all current regulations, policies, and procedures required by the Ohio Valley University and by the academic program being pursued.

In no case will a regulation be waived or an exception granted because the student pleads ignorance of the regulation or asserts that he/she was not informed of the regulation by an advisor, the registrar, or other authority.

It is essential for all OVU students to remain informed of the published policies and procedures and to observe deadlines established and published by the university in the current Ohio Valley University Academic Catalog and College- and School-Specific handbooks.