ACEPP Conference 2019

Ohio Valley University’s College of Education is pleased to invite you to the ACEPP Conference 2019

Thursday, Oct. 3rd - Saturday, Oct. 5th

At Ohio Valley University - 1 Campus View Drive, Vienna, WV 26105

The theme of the conference will be: Give Me This Mountain.

Our theme is based on Caleb’s statement in Joshua 14: 6-15. West Virginia is the Mountain State. It has many challenges demise of coal mining, sparse population, brain drain, insufficient industry to replace coal industry. Every state and school has similar challenges that affect students’ capacity to learn and teachers’ capacity to meet academic and personal goals.

The focus of our conference will be on the need for our current preservice teachers to develop a “Give Me This Mountain” mindset and skills to transform P-12 education across their careers, preparing their students to meet the challenges of the current and future world. They must engage in eliminating ‘schooling’ and building a learning world, to eliminate obstacles to learning by all students, to include real-world tasks and experiences, to work with diverse people and global needs, and to find godly purpose. They must incorporate character-building in all that they do.


Unpacking the theme, we see the challenges our preservice teachers will face in their careers, the changes and curriculum needed in effective educator preparation programs, the unique opportunity of our EPPs in sister institutions because of our mission to draw people to the Lord, the politics involved in deconstructing the old schooling system and beginning construction on entirely new ways to build learning environments.

We invite you to submit proposals for presentations or activities in 15-minute awareness sessions, 30-minute informational, or 50-minute workshop sessions. Topics could take many directions, including teacher leadership in transforming learning and school structures, college and work-ready skills, curriculum for modern learning and assessment, and strategies for building. We hope that participants from every institution will do at least one presentation. Please submit a presentation proposal by September 21, 2019.




  • Dinner

  • Entertainment

  • Fellowship

  • A presentation by OVU personnel



  • Presentations

  • Lunch on campus


  • Group excursion to local historical sites (see description below)


  • Dinner

  • Presentations by ACEPP participants



  • Presentations by ACEPP

  • Lunch

Activities on Friday Afternoon:

  1. Tour Henderson Hall, early America plantation on the Ohio River, with Jason Johnson, Docent.

  2. Visit the Blennerhassett Museum in Parkersburg.

  3. Tour a house in Belpre, Ohio, that was part of the underground railroad.


Please contact Jo Pennington, Dean of the College of Education, at 304-865-6141 or with questions, ideas for the ACEPP Conference 2019, or names and contact information for others at your institution who should be included in our communications.

The Association of Christian Educator Preparation Programs (ACEPP) is made up of the faculty members in educator preparation programs in the institutions of higher education associated with the churches of Christ. The annual conference provides fellowship, worship, networking, professional development, and an outstanding opportunity for renewal with fellow Christian educators. Your costs are your travel, housing, and in this case, your ticket to the museum.


Please plan to join us for the ACEPP Conference 2019 at Ohio Valley University!