There is a strong desire at OVU to help every student learn. “To transform lives in a Christ centered academic community” is a critical part of the mission statement of the university.


OVU is committed to insuring that the rights and needs of all students are met and that the spirit of the law is followed uniformly throughout the campus. It is important that students, parents, faculty, staff, and administration understand those rights and responsibilities.


Physically Limiting Impairments
Faculty and staff must consider requests by students for accommodations due to a physically limiting impairment or a learning disability. Students will not be denied access to any individual educational opportunity or requirement based on their handicap. Faculty and staff who receive such requests must immediately contact the Provost of the university for consultation and should not deny such requests prior to consulting with the Provost.

Learning Disabilities
Ohio Valley University recognizes that many people who have difficulty with standardized tests or who have learning problems are quite capable of achieving their academic goals with effective assistance. A student with a documented disability who needs special accommodations should notify the vice president for academic affairs.

Student/Family Responsibility
It is the student’s responsibility to provide the ADA coordinator with appropriate paperwork documenting the existence of the learning disability including any tests and results that were administered and including the kinds of accommodations that will help the student be academically successful in a university setting. Ohio Valley University does not provide assessment services for students who may be learning disabled. However, the university does accept a wide variety of documentation to establish the existence of a learning disability.


An accommodations plan will be created in collaboration with the student and the ADA coordinator and will be communicated with the student’s instructors. The ADA coordinator will assist instructors as needed to accommodate the student’s needs.

Services include:

  • Preferential seating to reduce audio/visual distractions

  • Assigned classmate as volunteer assistant, who may help take notes or provide informal support

  • Tape Recorder to alleviate pressure of notetaking, freeing student to attend and participate more fully in class

  • Notetaker to alleviate pressure of notetaking, freeing student to attend and participate more fully in class

  • Photocopy or Email attachment of another’s notes in lieu of notetaker or tape recorder

  • Change in test format (i.e. from a multiple choice to essay format) to help students demonstrate knowledge more effectively, with less interference from anxiety or a learning disability

  • Use of computer software programs or other technological assistance

  • Extended time (A specific extra amount of time, to be negotiated prior to exam) to allow the student to focus on the exam content instead of the time, lessening the impact of anxiety

  • Segmenting or dividing an exam into parts and allowing student to take them in 2 -3 sessions over 1-2 days to help reduce the effect of fatigue and focus on one section at a time

  • Separate testing venue to provide a non-distracting, quiet setting helps reduce interference from anxiety

  • Increase frequency of tests or exams to give student more opportunities to demonstrate knowledge creates less pressure than having just a midterm or a final

  • Exams to be read orally, dictated, scribed or typed to minimize anxiety or learning disability interference with mental focus, concentration, ability to retrieve information, and/or writing capacity during a typical paper-pencil test

  • Handwritten rather than typed papers to relieve an additional source of pressure if student does not yet have typing skills

  • Increased Font size

Facilities Include

  • Wheelchair accessible doorways* and bathrooms

  • Elevator

*Classes that are not accessible by wheelchair will be moved to accommodate the student