Ohio Valley University’s largest and most diverse college, the College of Art and Sciences houses the School of Liberal Arts and the School of Math and Sciences. Exploring everything from the an amoeba to The Aeneid, from zygotes to Thus Spoke Zarathustra, students in the College of Arts and Sciences study topics that have been considered for thousands of years.

The College of Arts and Sciences, in many ways serves as the heart and soul of OVU Academics. Teaching math, science, humanities, and languages, most students come through our college to fulfill general education requirements, and we work closely with the College of Education to provide the content courses required by their students.

Dr. Wes Crum

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

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The School of Liberal Arts includes majors in English, History, Humanities, and Interdisciplinary Studies. This school includes all the foreign languages and performing and fine arts as well.

Graduates continue on to a host of careers and graduate programs across the country and around the world.


Offering majors including biology, biochemistry, mathematics, and wellness, our School of Mathematics and Sciences consistently sees its students succeeding in the careers of their choice and enrolling in graduate programs upon completion of their degrees at Ohio Valley University.