At Ohio Valley University, we seek to transform lives in a Christ-centered academic community that integrates higher learning, biblical faith, and service to God and humanity.

Nowhere does the mission of Ohio Valley University come alive in the classroom more than in the College of Biblical Studies and Behavioral Sciences. As students explore the Bible and humanity, they come to know and understand the world’s need for God as savior, comforter, counselor, and King in the most powerful way.

Ohio Valley University takes a transformational approach to Christian higher education. In the College of Biblical Studies and Behavioral Sciences, we help students transform spiritually, emotionally, and academically, preparing them to lead transformational lives.

Dr. C. Michael Moss

Dean, College of Biblical Studies and Behavioral Sciences
Professor of Bible
Director of International Studies

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Bible and Ministry Degree - Find Out More

The School of Biblical Studies plays a unique role in the life of every Ohio Valley University Student. Unlike any other school, each student will study in this school every semester.

The School of Biblical Studies prepares ministers, missionaries, and educators to serve our churches. The School also prepares every OVU student to become a Christian leader in the local congregation and to witness in their chosen profession.

Dr. Bruce Terry

Chair, School of Biblical Studies
Professor of Bible and Humanities


In the School of Behavioral Sciences, we provide our students with high-quality, broad-based academic training that facilitates an understanding of human behavior in its social and historical contexts.

Simultaneously, learning and skills join for the application of professional knowledge in our students’ communities and in their faith.

Dr. Jonathan Miller

Chair, School of Behavioral Sciences
Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences