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OVU FAITH Initiative

FAITH Initiative for OVU

Ohio Valley University's new FAITH Initiative is a bold commitment to raise funds to launch new academic programs, increase scholarships, support faculty and staff development, and enhance campus facilities.

Three Bold Initiatives. One $9 Million Goal.

The FAITH Initiative is a plan to raise $9 million over a three year time frame—January 2015 through June 2018. Based on four fundamental success pillars: Spirituality, Stewardship, Service, and Scholarship, the FAITH Initiative will lead to three main destination points:

FAITH Initiative 1 - Increased Enrollment

Initiative 1:

Increased Enrollment

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FAITH Initiative 2 - Vibrant and Relevant Campus

Initiative 2:

A Vibrant & Relevant Campus

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FAITH Initiative 3 - University Sustainability

Initiative 3:

University Sustainability

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Increased Enrollment.

Ohio Valley University is a strong faith-based alternative to higher education in an increasingly secular culture. Many university campuses are sustained by a strong and stable student enrollment to help meet rising operational expenses. OVU is no exception. The FAITH Initiative will provide much-needed funds to assist our efforts in reaching our master planning and student recruitment goal of 700 students within the next five years.

Several priorities have been establisted to increase enrollment:

  • Scholarship Goals
    By endowing and providing abundant scholarships we can help students reduce the costs of their Christian college education, thereby lowering their college debt upon graduation. Various types of funding opportunities include academic scholarships, merit- and need-based scholarships, and athletic scholarships.
  • Faculty Development
    As enrollment increases, expert faculty must be recruited to meet the demands in the classroom. OVU must invest in the professional development of its faulty to ensure they stay abreast of current trends, thinking and instructional techniques within their respective fields.
  • Academic Programs
    The development and funding of additional baccalaureate and master’s degree program offerings are imperative to enrollment growth. The following are currently offered, under development and/or currently being considered:
    • Energy Management & Production Engineering
    • Forensic Investigative Accounting
    • Environmental & Sustainability Studies
    • Elementary and secondary Education
    • Bible and Christian Theology

A Vibrant and Relevant Campus

Students spend the majority of their time on campus “outside” the classroom. The FAITH Initiative will fund various projects to create a more vibrant campus culture and enhance student life, improve facilities and the campus technology infrastructure.

Several priorities are targeted to create an exciting campus culture.

  • Soccer and Lacrosse Field with Artificial Turf
  • Renovated Student Recreational Center
  • New Suite-style Student Housing Complex
  • Classroom Modernization
  • Enhanced Classroom Technology

University Sustainability

With the promise of free state community college education programs on the rise, and the decline in traditional college‑going rates in our region, the current economic climate to provide a private, Christian higher education to our young people is changing dramatically. The need for sustainability is greater than it has ever been before. Many universities are facing challenges and OVU is not immune.

Throughout the years God has certainly blessed OVU with many generous friends. Each year approximately 85% of OVU’s gift income is provided though the generosity of friends like you. The FAITH Initiative will help ensure sustainability of the institution for future generations of OVU students.

The following benchmarks of sustainability will be supported through the FAITH Initiative:

  • Endowed Student Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Increased Academic Program Offerings
  • Increased Alumni Engagement and Support

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FAITH Progress

94% Funded
$8,462,097 Raised as of May 2016
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