The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs in Bible and Ministry at Ohio Valley University prepare students to serve churches in a wide variety of specialized areas of emphasis. From Christian counseling and youth and family ministry, to pulpit preaching and mission work, at Ohio Valley University you can discover your specialized passion to serve.

While the two degree programs are similar, the Bachelor of Arts program also requires the successful completion of second year Greek, thus equipping the student for a deeper understanding of God’s Word.


  • Numerous internships and assistance with ministry placement, both foreign and domestic.

  • Opportunities to engage in numerous campus-sponsored seminars, workshops, symposiums and classes such as the annual Bible Lectureship Series, Inman Biblical Preaching & Teaching Seminar, World Mission Workshop and more.

  • Training for ministry and domestic missions in non-traditional roles through the Christian Service for Women minor and the Vocational Missions major.

  • Fellowship and extra training in Bible Major Symposiums, often hosted by Bible professors in their homes.


Rather than a student receiving a major in ministry specializations such as Youth Ministry, Missions, or Christian Counseling, our program offers a degree in Bible and Ministry with specializations in these fields. The degree includes a broad range of ministry classes, thus equipping each student for several areas of ministry including preaching, teaching, evangelism, and missions. This allows a graduate to transition to other ministry positions at a future time without being labeled as only a specialist.

At OVU, we believe that effective ministry is anchored in God’s Word. The BA and BS degrees require 18 credit hours in the study of Biblical text. In addition, students are taught to study the Bible on their own with an intensive course in scripture interpretation. As an option that is encouraged, students are also taught how to read the scriptures in the original languages.


Bible and Ministry in either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in one of the following MINORS:

  • Biblical Languages

  • Children’s Ministry

  • Christian Counseling

  • Christian Service for Women

  • Greek

  • History (Church History emphasis)

  • Missions

  • New Testament

  • Old Testament

  • Practical Ministry

  • Preaching

  • Youth and Family Ministry

Vocational Ministry and Vocational Missions, with a reduced number of credit hours, as a second major field of study. A primary major other than Bible and Ministry is required


A variety of special scholarships are available specifically for students majoring in Bible and Ministry. Bible scholarships (ranging from $1,000 for freshmen to over $2,500 for seniors) are available to those majoring in Bible and/or ministry. Reduced amount scholarships are available to students minoring in Bible or ministry.


To learn more about this degree program, contact:

Dr. C. Michael Moss
Dean, OVU College of Biblical Studies & Behavioral Sciences