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Vienna, W.Va.—U.S. Congressman David McKinley recently spent a day at Ohio Valley University visiting with students, faculty and staff about the innovative Clean Water Initiative and the Alternative Clean Energy (ACE) project. McKinley held two roundtable discussions with OVU students and faculty to discuss these two highly anticipated projects during his eight hour visit on January 17, 2017.

Dr. Stephen Opoku-Duah, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Water Sciences made the case for the Clean Water Initiative. Students Andrew Lyons, Austin Antill and Savannah Arthur assisted Dr. Opoku-Duah demonstrate the humanitarian uses for the water filtration system. Rep. McKinley asked questions and discussed with students their involvement with the research project.

Dr. Opoku-Duah also explained the Industrial Clean Water System. A large scale, mobile water filtration system provides clean water for industrial and commercial sites. The full scale trailer will arrive on campus in late January, 2017. The trailer will have the ability to de-contaminate up to 100 gallons of water per minute in a continuous process. The Industrial trailer includes the use of the Lectro Cell™ and officials indicated it can remove the C8 contaminate found in local water. Rep. McKinley repeatedly made positive comments about the OVU research and involvement in the project.

In the afternoon, Executive Vice President Jeff Dimick presented the details of the Alternative Clean Energy project to Rep. McKinley. OVU-ACE, LLC aims to develop a fully commercial scale coal-to-liquid facility in Parkersburg. ACE recently secured the property for this facility. McKinley reviewed diagrams of the future ACE plant and site.

“I think there’s a series of things that are important coming out of Ohio Valley University,” McKinely said.

He asked questions regarding the timeline of the project and possible financial benefits to the University and the community. Energy Management & Production Engineering (EMPE) students Lauren Cunningham, Mary Salas and Bethany Wedmore answered questions posed by McKinley about their involvement in the future ACE project. OVU seeks to keep its graduates in the Mid-Ohio Valley as vital parts of society and community leaders.

Dr. Dan Blair, Dean of the College of Business, explained the four needs of humanity: God, clean air, clean water, and clean energy. He noted OVU’s efforts in these scientific developments may soon provide the community with access to all four. That helps OVU move forward in their mission to join Jesus in fixing the broken world.

The meeting opened with a prayer and closed with McKinley saying, “God bless you.”

* * *

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