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Dr. Noelle Hunter - OVU Dean of Students

Vienna, W.Va.—The new Dean of Students at Ohio Valley University, Dr. Noelle Hunter, is internationally recognized for her work with iStand Parent Network, of which she is Founder and President. ISPN helps reunite families whose children have been abducted and taken abroad by a parent.

When her own child, Muna, was taken to Mali, West Africa, in 2011, Dr. Hunter and her supporters worked for three years to reunite her with her daughter in 2014. Through this dark chapter in their lives, Dr. Hunter’s faith in Jesus Christ was the foundation of her stability.

Recalling the ordeal, Dr. Hunter explains how God supported her while opening an opportunity to help others suffering the same loss: “My daughter’s abduction to a foreign nation was absolutely excruciating, but fortunately Christ was at my center. It was never a question of giving up. Out of the greatest pain in my life came this great vision, and God is still using this [ISPN] to bring kids home.”

Understanding the difficult process victims of international child abduction face, Dr. Hunter can apply firsthand experience to help reunite families who have been torn apart. Through her work and the work of all involved with ISPN, 22 families have been reunited, either by bringing children home or by giving parents access to their children abroad. Dr. Hunter and ISPN continue to work with foreign and domestic governments and officials to change public policy regarding this issue.

In her new position at OVU, Dr. Hunter looks forward to engaging the student population and creating an atmosphere of student success, not only in academics, but also in the faith she adamantly affirms. Her extensive professional background in community relations, journalism, higher education, and many others, will serve her well as Dean of Students. When asked what brought her to OVU, Dr. Hunter was clear: “I want to equip students to do great things, but that is secondary. The primary reason is OVU’s mission is my own mission. Christ is at the center of everything I do.”

Though she is an Alabama native, Dr. Hunter is excited to return to West Virginia, which she claims as her home after spending multiple years in or around the state. Dr. Hunter received her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees at Ohio University and went on to complete her Doctorate at West Virginia University. Dr. Hunter will begin her new position at the beginning of the fall 2018 semester.

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