Sojourners arrive at OVU

The Sojourners, based in Marshall, Texas, arrived on the OVU campus the first week of June for a two-week “sojourn.” Jerry and Dorothy Escue will direct the group of twenty-six who will devote themselves to construction, painting, office work, and other projects. Fourteen RVs currently fill the parking lot behind the Alumni Gym and the college bookstore.

The Sojourners’ organization has more than 1,000 members, and half of them are active in any given year, spending anywhere from two weeks to nearly a year on assignments they choose. They refer to these experiences as “sojourns” because they trade their normal lifestyles to serve others in unfamiliar habitats. The group is aligned with Churches of Christ, so its work is with children’s homes, schools, campgrounds, and universities affiliated with that faith group.

OVU is thankful for the dedication of these workers and for OVU’s selection as one of their missions.